Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why Volunteer?

Are you willing to spare a week or more for India's wilderness areas?  For an experience which will change your outlook on life forever?  Then read on.

There are a large number of issues concerning conservation of the natural environment, ranging from habitat restoration, alternative livelihoods and human-wildlife conflict, to ecosystem services and eco-tourism practices, waiting to be addressed.

These issues stand to gain tremendously from the active involvement, however small, of volunteers across different age groups and backgrounds.

A responsible and pro-active approach in volunteering is the most effective way for the citizens of India to develop a sense of responsibility and ownership towards their natural inheritance., in existence since 2000, has a resource group of individuals who come from Government and non government institutions working in the field of wilderness conservation.  The club also has among its members a large group of individuals with a passion to do something to protect the last vestiges of wilderness areas left in India.

We propose to offer volunteering solutions, aiming to bridge the gap between potential volunteers and exciting volunteering opportunities around the country by providing active support to conservation initiatives, both governmental and private.

Register to be part of our volunteer database today.

This blog invites posts from volunteers who may send their experiences along with photographs to

Our vision is to create a pan-India network of motivated volunteers who will be instrumental in conservation efforts across the country.

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