Thursday, August 22, 2013

Survival Kit for Volunteers

Volunteering in Wilderness areas like National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries can be exciting, full of photo opportunities and mentally and spiritually stimulating.  In order to take full advantage of these rare opportunities, one has to prepare oneself for life in the open with bare essentials, basic food and amenities.  That said, the experience can be rewarding and comfortable, if you plan your volunteering expeditions well in advance and prepare yourself mentally and physically for a life in the woods.

Step 1.  Read up everything you can lay your hand on the area you are visiting for the purpose of volunteering in a project.

Step 2. Prepare yourself by doing exercises, gymming, running, walking etc so that you are physically fit before you join the volunteering program.

Step 3.  Dress appropriately, from head to toe. You may not have thought about it, but the very clothing you wear is part of your wilderness survival kit..   Dress in layers, and always, even on warm summer days, put a jacket or poncho in your Daypack – Just In Case.

Step 3. Don’t forget to wear a hat. A hat prevents a lot of heat loss in cold weather and protects you from the heat during the really hot days.

Step 4. Take small plastic case (a soap dish will do) and put the following items in it to be taken along with you.  
A whistle
A knife 
water purifying tablets
a small magnifying glass ( With plenty of time in hand, look at plants and insects  through the magnifying glass to unveil nature's secrets.) 
needle and thread
band aid, some dettol, some gauze pads

Step 5.  Last but not least
Pay heed to all that the Project Manager tells you when you join the volunteering team.

All the Best! Happy Volunteering.

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