Thursday, September 26, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering at Melghat

FAQ on Volunteering

1. Question: I wanted to apply for volunteering in the pilot project. I am currently employed, and would like to know the format of the certificate you would like from my company.

Answer:  .We need a simple letter from your employer stating that you are employed with the company or organization and stating your designation. The letter should be on company letterhead and signed by your employer or a responsible person.

2. Question: I am shocked to hear that single women are not accepted for the WCRS programmes. It is discrimination, and implies that women are not capable of caring enough for the programme. I am deeply interested in the programme and would like to participate in the same. I can adjust with other groups, I am very strong and capable of hard work. I really hope you do away with the conservative ideology which sends wrong signals.

Answer:  " I am glad to know that you are keen to participate in wildlife conservation programs. With respect to our program please understand that there there is no intention to discriminate against women. We know fully well that many women are passionate about wildlife conservation and we would like to encourage them. The only reason for not accepting single women is safety of the participants. The protection camps of the Forest Department are located at remote places and manned by male forest staff and labourers. Hence we are unable to take responsibility for safety of single women. We are willing to accept women provided they are in a group of at least two or accompanied by a male companion. I hope you understand the rationale behind this decision. We place women volunteers in camps with relatively better facilities and closer to the Range headquarters. We would be glad to include you in the program if you can apply together with one or more companions."
Jayant Kulkarni
Executive Director, Conservation
Wildlife Research and Conservation Society

3. Question Is there a last date for applying?

Answer There is no last date for volunteering.   It is an ongoing program

Friday, September 6, 2013

Volunteer to patrol Melghat Tiger Reserve

Forest Patrolling at Melghat Tiger Reserve 

Melghat Tiger Reserve (MTR) is located in Amravati District of Maharashtra and is an important protected area for tiger conservation. The field staff of the tiger reserve patrols the forests regularly for protection of wildlife. Considering the vast area to be patrolled additional manpower from civil society will help to strengthen protection and enhance the status of wildlife in MTR. With this objective Wildlife Research and Conservation Society (WRCS) is implementing a pilot program for volunteer participation in patrolling activities in MTR in collaboration with the tiger reserve authorities for protection of wildlife and forests. Participation in the program will give volunteers an opportunity to witness the forests and wildlife at close quarters and contribute to wildlife conservation. Batches are sent every Sunday, it's a 1 week volunteer program, you are welcome to stay for more than 1 week.

This project is open to Indian Nationals only. 

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